“Tough Times Don’t Last…”

Hi, my name is Roy Culbert and I’m from central Louisiana, better known as Alexandria, LA. I graduated from LSU’s Engineering program back in 2009 and eventually found my way to Houston around 2013 for job related reasons. Not soon afterwards, I decided to take the leap and pursue real estate full-time. What most people don’t realize is that at the worst point in my life I was divorced, behind on my mortgage and was riding a bike to get from point A to point B. I was emotionally drained and, to put it lightly, life was getting the best of me.

With my confidence at an all-time low and not knowing where my next check would come from, I hit rock bottom. During this low period of my life I came across a quote which read “Tough Times Don’t Last…Tough People Do.”

Well, it wasn’t easy, but over time I made up in my mind that if I could just let go of the past and stay focused on making it to the “Next Day”, my life would soon get better. If we meet, I would love to share my story on how I was able to deal with the curve-ball that life threw me and how it turned me into a better, stronger person.

Just know that when you contact Next Day Homebuyers you’ll be speaking directly to the owner, someone who won’t judge your current situation or reason for selling. So feel free to be yourself.

If you’ve left our conversation with a solid plan for the sale of your property, then I’ve done my job. Here’s to your tomorrow, or better yet, your “Next Day”.


Roy Culbert
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