3 Unconventional Ways To Sell Your Home Fast In Spring, TX

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you’re not able to sell your home fast (less than 60 days) and your house is currently listed with a realtor…you’re most likely overpriced. It doesn’t always come down to price, but in a majority of cases when a your not able to sell your home fast it usually does. Psychological tests have confirmed that people tend to value their property more than what it’s actually worth. I myself have fallen victim to this diabolical mind trick we humans have inflicted on ourselves. So to get that home sold…DROP the price and be done with it already! Now for those who don’t have their houses listed with a realtor, here are 3 unconventional ways for you to sell your home.

  1. Talk to a successful business owner in the immediate area.

Most people don’t consider this option at all because they don’t believe that business owners will be interested in buying property. Let me give you a secret…business owners like to take risks. The key to getting a business owner to buy the property is to offer it at a price where they can make a profit. If you can do this then you’ll definitely be able to sell your h Of course, you need to be able to walk away with an amount that satisfies your expectations. If you’re not comfortable reaching out to business owners then let’s move on to step #2.

  1. Send a private letter out to the neighborhood

This is less aggressive, but what you could do is visit a website such as ListSource.com that will give you the names and addresses of people who live in the area and send them a postcard. You have many options you can use to filter the data down to a manageable amount, your main message should reflect that you’re looking to “sell your home fast” without using a realtor. You may be surprised as to the amount of people who will respond favorably to your soft sell.

  1.  Talk to a local homebuyer

Last, but definitely not least is to speak to a local homebuyer. The way this typically works is that you conduct a search on Google and type in “Sell my house” or “We buy houses companies” and you’ll get a slew of options. You’ll either be prompted to submit your property info. online or call in to get someone on the phone. A common problem which you may face when dealing with the “We Buy Houses” companies is that your first contact will most likely be with a receptionist or appointment setter who won’t be able to tell you whether they can purchase your property or not.

When you deal with Next Day Homebuyers you’ll be talking directly to the owner, which essentially means you’ll know before you get off the phone whether your home will be sold or not. There’s peace of mind in knowing that the problem is taken care of once and for all. If you doubt this, then please read our reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

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